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Day Of The Dead (2008)

 Day Of The Dead (2008) Day of the Dead is a 2008 remake of the original 1985 classic zombie movie by George Romero. Romero is known as the king of the living dead movies having fully created Night, Dawn, Day and Land of the Living Dead. With this being said, it is difficult for any remake of the classics to exceed their greatness.

As with most movies I get now days I come in expecting them to completely suck so that I am not let down. While watching this movie I kept that same attitude although I was never completely let down. There really wasn't that defining moment where I turned my back on the movie. On the flip side there also really wasn't that moment that fully entrenched me in the movie.

Day of the Dead made a few mistakes regarding the zombie movie genre. First of all the zombies were fast, in fact they weren't just fast, but possessed powers they could not possibly have once dead, such as running on ceilings. While I'm not totally against the idea of zombies being capable of running, I am against them being super human.

The next cardinal sin the movie made was it never slowed down. It was like the director/writer was insecure with their work, and had to keep the action consistently happening so as not to let the viewers down.

Just because it's a horror/end of times movie does not mean dialog gets thrown out the window. In fact the slowest parts of Romeo's films were probably the better parts. The whole idea of diverse people being confined to one area is what makes zombie movies so great. The struggle with each other, and not the zombies is what makes the movie.

Regarding the remake status of the movie, there is very little to talk about. Some characters had similar names or same names, and at one point the main characters were in a military bunker. While Day of the Dead (1985) was a great movie Day of the Dead (2008) was average. I give it a 7/10. ...View Comments (0)
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John Carpenter's The Thing

 John Carpenter's The Thing I recently got "The Thing" through my Blockbuster Online movie rentals by mistake (well out of order anyways) I decided to rent it because I was a big fan of his other movies such as Halloween 1 & 2 and Assault on Precinct 13.

The Thing is very similar to the movie Alien which came out around the same time. The only difference is it is set on earth in Antarctica. The setting in Antarctica helped the movie out a lot.

The movie is basically about an alien(s) that can morph into any living creature it encounters. There is a good amount of gore in the movie and the story seems pretty good as well.

It stars Kurt Russel who apparently did numerous movies with John Carpenter during the 80's and 90's. The rest of the cast is quite small so you can get to know the characters well enough in the movie as well.

The movie felt very long which was good because often times movies rush into things too quickly and don't give enough time to develop the characters and plot line very good.

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Rating: 5/10  |  Votes: 4

Unreal Tournament 3

 Unreal Tournament 3 I recently purchased the PC video game Unreal Tournament 3. I'll start out by mentioning that the game requires a pretty powerful computer to run it. Fortunately my computer is able to handle the game with no problems.

The problem is the game is very, very buggy. I've been playing UT since the first version and none of them have gave me as much trouble as the current installment. The game is filled with bugs and constantly crashes for me. On the official Epic forum there is an entire 10 page post dedicated to the game's errors, most solutions involve completely whipping out your computer and making all sorts of changes to your graphics card. I am the type of user that never formats my hard drive or starts from scratch so those are not viable options. I constantly get errors either when starting the game or while half way through a match which is really annoying and is making me want to go back to Unreal 2004 and just enjoy life.

Also the game developers felt the need to "dumb" down the game's menu system. No longer is the game customizable via the menus. You now must sift through dozens of .ini files located in your my documents folder in order to make the simplest of changes. I think much of this is due to the fact that Epic made the same game for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and I believe they tried to re-use as much code for them as they could. This meant that the PC version of the game lost while the console gamers won.

They also got rid of several game play modes and re-vamped the single player action. Really all they had to do was upgrade the graphics to the previous game and nobody would have complained! The game feels like they removed more features than they added.

There is one redeeming factor to the new game. The graphics. The graphics in the game are beautiful. This is hands down the best looking game I've played to date. The other good thing about the game is the new vehicles introduced to it. UT has always been known for it's great vehicles and they came through this time.

Despite those positive factors I give this game a 5/10. If Epic would have stuck to their guns and not tried to re-invent the wheel, they would have another perfect 10/10 game on their hands but until the bugs can be fixed, this game is a failure....View Comments (0)
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Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me

 Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me Motion City Soundtrack's new cd Even If It Kills Me, unlike many bands, manages to stay true to it's previous cds. Too often now days, a band comes out with a new cd and it sounds completely different than anything they've done (cough, cough...Fallout Boy). MCS on the other hand stuck with what they are good at and didn't veer off the beaten path.
If you're new to the band, they are an pop punk/alternative/synth band on epitaph records.
Even If It Kills Me is their third LP. Of the 13 tracks on the cd, only a few are songs I don't like which is difficult for bands to do, in my opinion, since I am very picky when it comes to music. Most the songs on the cd are very upbeat and have very witty lyrics. I give the cd a 9/10.
If you want to share the love with me, preview the cd on Amazon.com...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 9/10  |  Votes: 1

28 Weeks Later

 28 Weeks Later 28 Weeks Later is post apocalyptic movie based in Britain. It is the sequel to 28 Days Later and is set in the time period after that movie. The movie is loosely related to the zombie horror genre although the characters in the movie aren't technically zombies but infected people.
This movie seems to be a bit more on the action side than the horror side. The reason being for this is our main cast doesn't remain in one locale for very long in the movie unlike most other zombie movies where the cast is tied up in one building for the entire movie. By making the characters constantly on the move, it is harder to get to know them better and your attention is focused more on the events happening than the characters. This is a vital flaw in the movie. The action however is good and we are given an accurate sense that Britain has really been evacuated and that people are being brought back to it.
I would recommend this movie for the casual movie goer and horror fans. I think even non-horror fans might like the movie and horror fans should be pleased with it.
Compared to many of the other zombie genre movies coming out now days this one is ahead of the pack but is in no way ahead of the classics from the 70's and 80's. I give this movie a 8/10...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 7/10  |  Votes: 2