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Star Trek: The Original Series

 Star Trek: The Original Series It's been quite awhile since something has been rated. (People feel free to use this feature) Also the problem has been that I haven't seen any movies worth reviewing and many of the one's I'm looking forward to aren't out on video yet or in theater. Regardless I'm rating Star Trek: The Original Series today. The fan boy in me started earlier this year, around February when I was at Emily's on a Saturday night when the show comes on at 12:30 on FOX. I decided to watch it since I like corny shows and movies.
It's now over a half a year later and I own all 3 seasons on DVD and all the original series movies (6 in all). So what's so great about it? It's not the special effects, those are horrible although I've always thought that special effects are way overrated. The reason I like Star Trek is because of the great writing, great stories and acting. In my opinion all the spin offs of Star Trek after the original series lacked in one of these categories but had great special effects. It just goes to show that if a show doesn't have a good story or acting, it really doesn't matter what it has.
One of the best things about the series is the relationship between Spock (logic) McCoy (emotion) and Captain Kirk who is a mix between the latter. Spock and McCoy argue back and forth in a effort to sway captain Kirk's choice. I would have to say that Spock is my favorite character on the show simply because there are many times that I wish I could be more like him (minus the pointy ears). The way he stays calm and collective during emergencies is something everybody could use.
Unfortunately after 3 seasons and almost 80 shows, the show was canceled mainly because NBC gave it a horrible slot in it's programming. I give Star Trek: The Original Series a 10/10. ...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 5/10  |  Votes: 4

Windows Vista

 Windows Vista After purchasing a new laptop I recently had the chance to use Windows Vista for the first time. We have all seen the annoying Mac ads about Windows Vista telling us why we shouldn't get it. After using it (on a brand new computer which makes me a bit bias) I like Windows Vista.
I really don't see any reason from somebody who purchases a new computer to uninstall Vista and put something else on there. Now for people without Vista I don't really see a reason for them to update either. I mean Windows XP was a really, really good OS compared to many of the others. XP did everything we wanted and better. Vista on the other hand is similar to XP but with pretty colors and such.
Some nice features in Vista are when you're navigating folders you can click in the address bar on folders 3 levels above and go directly to them. Another nice thing is the new various way you can view files while exploring them. Also there are the new gadgets sidebar taken from the Mac of course but it is still cool. I personally enjoy getting rss feeds updated constantly with my gadgets. One thing about the gadgets is they seem to loose focus when you click off of them and then they disappear. If there is such a feature it would be nice if they would appear above all other windows and remain open all the time.
Some of the downfalls of Vista are the annoying User Account Control popups (UAC) not to be confused with UAC. Basically UAC is a safeguard for Microsoft to cover their butts if your computer messes up via spyware or the new Bonzi Buddy. To the dumb computer user this will scare them, to the normal and advanced it will annoy them. While the Mac commercials like to rip on this over and over again it's really not a big deal. Go to the control panel, click a button and voila, your back to normal (just like Windows XP again). No more popups, no more Mac commercials.
So if you really like Windows XP and want Vista, I say buy it. If you are just curious I say wait until your next computer. If you have just bought a computer with Vista on it, Enjoy!...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 7/10  |  Votes: 1

Stride Chewing Gum

 Stride Chewing Gum I am reviewing the chewing gum Stride, yes the gum that claims to have a long lasting flavor. I thought being the gum connoisseur that I am I would review it. The size of the gum is between that of a Trident stick and that of the regular stick. It is sort of a larger version of the Trident gum stick. The price of it at the store I bought it at was $1.19 and it comes with 14 sticks. Regarding the flavor it does seem to last quite awhile. I have been chewing my piece for about 3-4 hours now and I can still detect a faint flavor. I would probably comepare it to Polar Ice which also last a very long time. The gum also appears not to deteriorate like other types do. I give it an 8/10. ...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 8/10  |  Votes: 1

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America

 Borat: Cultural Learnings of America Borat: Cultural Learnings of America is a really funny movie. Before I rented it I had my doubts. I had seen Ali G In Da House and I didn't find it that funny. I mean it had it's moments but that was it. The thing that makes Borat so great is that you actually believe Sacha Baron is a foreigner. He really should win some awards for this movie. He never once cracks a smile during the movie.
What makes the movie even better is that fact that most if not all the people in the movie, were getting tricked. This element of the movie reminded me quite a bit of the old Tom Green shows which still are some of the funniest stuff to date. The movie does have a few things that might offend the casual movie watcher so don't watch it if you're offended easily. I'm personally not so I found it quite funny. I give Borat a 9 out of 10....View Comments (2)
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Rating: 9/10  |  Votes: 1


 Pagebuildr.com For my very first review I will review Pagebuildr.com, a social networking site created by my former boss Jason Irish. Pagebuildr allows users to create their own templated website. It also allows users to add multiple page types such as blogs, forums, and image galleries.
The site looks great minus a few things here and there. The only drawbacks on the site are the page load times, which seems to take forever, ability to customize pages more, and the endless confirmation pages.
Pagebuildr would be a solid 9 or 10 if it can over come these problems. Besides these problems the site is really great and I'm willing to bet that in a few years there will be thousands of users using the site...View Comments (0)
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Rating: 2/10  |  Votes: 38