Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard DriveI'm reviewing my new Western Digital 150 GB VelociRaptor hard drive. What's special about this drive is it spins at 10,000 RPMs. Typical hard drives spin at 5,400 or 7,200 RPMs which means that they take longer to find data on the drive. While it may be related to much of the other improved hardware in my new computer, I have noticed that my computer now boots much faster and applications installed on my VelociRaptor run much faster than normal. Because of this I installed Windows 7 on my drive.

The one drawback to the drive is it will cost you a bit more money for the performance and you'll get less capacity for the price. I offset this by buying a 1 terrabyte drive to host the remainder of the files on my computer.

I give the Western Digital 150 GB VelociRaptor a 10/10.