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Neal Grosskopf
11/27/2005 8:55:33 AM
Well it has been an eventful weekend. I sat outside Best Buy at 11:30 P.M with, Tyler, Shayla, Nick and Mike. We did awesome this year with Nick being the first customer out of the store and all of us being first in line. I got a 160 GB external hard drive and a new Dual Layered DVD burner plus some dual layered DVD's for only $150. Not to shabby eh? There was a pretty nice 5 megapixel digital camera for $130 that I wish I had got too but oh well. Well I haven't really done anything with the site this weekend. I haven't had any time at all. Maybe when I'm back to school I'll think of something to put on it. Later.

Neal Grosskopf
11/26/2006 10:45:59 PM
Hello all. It's the end of Thanksgiving for me and it's sort of late but I really wanted to post something about it all. It was a pretty nice Thanksgiving for once too.
To start it from the top, when I was leaving school last tuesday there was a bunch of cops outside my dorm. Apparently a kid suspected of stealing things was sitting in a cop car. I am not sure if he is the person that robbed me but it gives me a smile knowing that something is actually happening.
On my way home I ended up buy a new digital camera. I went with the Kodak EasyShare 8 MP camera for $235. I was originally going to buy a 7MP but they were on sale so I bumped it up to the highest EasyShare model. So far I love the camera. I got my mom the same one but a few models older last year and her camera is great.
Then came the Annual Day After Thanksgiving Sale. We originally were going to go at 11:30 but Emily's brother in law wanted to go earlier. It was probably a good idea that we did because there was WAY more people there this year than any before. We got there this year at 8:30 and where roughly 60th-75th in line. Last year we got there at 11:30 and were probably 50th in line. I blame this mostly on all the hype the PS3 and Wii have been creating with people in lines.
On my list this year were a few things for myself and a few for others. I got the following from Best Buy:
  • 2GB SanDisk Memory Card - $30
  • 60GB Western Digital Pocket Hardrive - $50
  • 3.33 Mhz eMachine PC (For Kate) - $189
  • 5MP Kodak Digital Camera (For Emily) $79
It wasn't a big buy for me this year. I also bought some DVD's and a battery recharger from Wal-mart later.
After the sale I slept ALOT. Since I pulled an all nighter it took me several days to shake it off. The weekend was really fun other than the lack of Emily in it. Next year she wants to come with so it should be fun then. Well I've rambled much too long. Enjoy!

Best Buy Black Friday Ad Scan

Neal Grosskopf
11/11/2007 12:00:00 AM
This is the 2007 Best Buy Black Friday Ad Scan that just came out. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I am excited to see it. Also it is a 5 MB files so it could take a bit download.

Neal Grosskopf
11/23/2007 4:54:17 PM
I should probably start out and mention that I've moved! I live in Oshkosh now and no longer in Sheboygan. I've seen my friends and family more in the past week than I have since I lived in Sheboygan for the past several months which is pretty sad. It's nice to finally be able to see people without having to drive 2 hours one way and 2 hours back. A lot of people from the Fox Cities like to rip on Oshkosh as the crappy city of the group, but personally, I think it's a major improvement over Sheboygan. Sheboygan has Lake Michigan and that's about it. Oshkosh has Lake Winnebago AND all the same stores and stuff as Sheboygan and is only a short trip on the interstate to Appleton which has pretty much every cool store you can think of.
Unpacking has progressed pretty well and we have most the stuff we use on a daily basis unpacked already.
Today was the crazy Black Friday sale. I headed over to Best Buy last night around 11 and met up with Tyler, Mike, Nick and Nick. It was pretty damn cold last night, probably one of the colder sales I've been to. It seemed like the people at the sale this year were more annoying than normal. We had a large pack of guys ahead of us who decided to do stupid cheerleading cheers at 4:00 a.m. Also while we were grilling out the whole line decided to move up and about 20 people budged ahead of us. We did however regain our position in line.
Like every year I had my eyes set on more storage capacity. I was hoping to nab a 1 tb drive but settled for a 500 gb drive that is cheaper. 500 gb should do the trick for the time being anyways. I was also trying to be a bit more conservative with my money this year. I also bought a 100 pack of DVD-Rs which should last me quite some time. Check out a few pictures of my stuff in my photo gallery.
Like almost every year I was less than 5th in line to check out yet 50th in line when entering the store. The only people ahead of me were Tyler and a guy being stupid who sat in line the whole night only to buy a candy bar from Best Buy. This year Emily also went shopping (with the girls) to the outlet mall in Oshkosh. She bought a bunch of cloths.
Other than that stuff is going good. Emily and I start our new jobs next week and we are both excited to do that. This is Emily's first full time job in awhile so it will be more of a change for her. Until next time...see ya!

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