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Armageddon is Nigh

Neal Grosskopf
11/11/2008 1:08:09 PM

Doesn't it seem like every time you check the news, another company is going out of business or laying off half their employees? Heck, last week my own company laid off 30 corporate employees, 2 which were in my own department! It's really terrible, and I really feel for the people that got let go. It sucks!

I am almost to the point of advocating, people withdraw all of their money from their savings and invest in the 4 G's: Guns, Gold, Groceries & Generators. Yes, no matter how bad of a depression the country gets into, the 4 G's will always be of value even when the US dollar is only worth the paper it is printed on.

Another reason 'Armageddon is Nigh' is that I am getting a divorce. Yes, unfortunately Emily and I can not work out our differences and we're in the process of splitting up all of our possessions. She is no longer living at our house and today she is coming over and removing a lot of her possessions.

If anybody cares, I'm doing alright regarding the whole situation. When I'm alone I sometimes feel bad, other times I'm ok, but I've been trying to stay active with friends and family and other interests as much as possible. I've been playing a lot of guitar lately and that has helped me relieve some stress.

I've pretty much convinced myself already that I'll have to sell the house. I really don't want to but it just seems like it needs to be done. It also makes for one less issue to debate about in these post-marriage times. Things will be rough for both Emily and I, financially and emotionally but hopefully we can get through the process quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Also, something many people probably didn't know, but I had applied for a job in Green Bay. Had I got the job I would have fared a lot better and probably been able to keep my house but I was told today that I won't be getting it. I already told my current employer that I had interviewed so this isn't some double-secret information coming out. I always try to looking on the bright side of whatever lousy situation I'm in, and I guess all I can say about this is that now it's made my future choices a lot easier to make, like whether to keep the house or not, or what city I should live in.

Well probably not the most upbeat blog post I've ever written but I feel like I might as well just get lay it all out there.

Props go out to the Holyland.



Economic Crisis of 2008

Neal Grosskopf
9/29/2008 8:17:38 AM
A good overview from Wikipedia on all the banks getting bough out or closing there doors during 2008. It seems like in the last month there has been more than I remember hearing my whole life.

Job Posting Trend From 2008 - Present

Neal Grosskopf
7/12/2009 2:35:57 PM
A site that tracks job posting trends from 2008 to present. Looking at the graph we can see that more jobs are being posted lately which would be a sign that the economy is getting better.

United States Historical Unemployment Rate Chart

Neal Grosskopf
3/5/2009 8:04:33 PM
A chart showing the US unemployment rate over the past 60 years. Even though the rate is quite high right now, it appears the majority of the early 80's had a much higher rate. I wonder what our parents think about it now?

The Geography of a Recession - Interactive Map

Neal Grosskopf
6/28/2009 9:27:56 PM
A map of unemployment rates across the United States.

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