Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

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Ironman Equipment Racks

Neal Grosskopf
1/23/2008 12:00:00 AM
A business website of my Aunt Judy and Uncle Greg. Looks like a neat business idea. Feel free to show family and friends that have trucks

Lots Of Work To Do

Neal Grosskopf
3/16/2008 6:51:48 PM

At Emily's request I am writing a new blog. I've sort of neglected my blog lately because I am focusing more on getting traffic to my website for my Geak Speak section. It's been a pretty successful campaign too. I've had 7/12 days in March with 40 or more visitors and one day with 85! It is pretty demanding to keep the traffic flowing though. This usually requires me to add links to my article on other websites. Usually after 2 days I rarely get visits from those sites so I need to add another article to keep the flow going.

In work news I have two days off this week and one day off next week. I'll probably spend those days doing web work regardless because I have several projects to do from Jason and possibly my own paying web project to do as well. At my day job I have been redesigning huebsch.com which is a really old site of ours that we haven't redesigned since 2001.

In family news Emily and I went to visit my parents and grand parents a few weeks ago and this weekend we went to see Emily's side. We went to the New London St. Patrick's Day Parade. Maybe it's just me but I think parades are boring, especially when it's still cold out. I recall going to a Christmas parade a few years ago when it wasn't much above zero degrees and thinking how dumb it is to have a parade during the winter season. Even despite the fact that it is cold, they still are sort of boring anyways. It's sort of like sitting out on main street and watching unusual traffic drive by.

Tomorrow my friend Mike is stopping over on his way home for spring break. He told us that he wants a beef roast and mashed potatoes (which is like a delicacy at our house) so I'm pretty excited to have a nice dinner when I get home. It's also a good excuse to clean our messing apartment which never seems to stay too clean.

In random news I decided to take my old computer and turn it into a streaming media server using Jinzora. I installed WAMP on it, created a dyndns account and also created a subdomain on my site to redirect to that dyndns domain. (Chris is there a way to point my 1and1 account directly to my home web server without using dyndns?) I'm currently copying all my music onto the web server so that I can listen to it while I'm at work. (only 23 more minutes to go!) I would also like to turn this web server into a testing site for nealgrosskopf.com so that I no longer have to test all my stuff out on my live site. The problem is I will need to figure out how to install IIS along side Apache, using Windows XP Home. I'll also need to make it an FTP server so that I can upload my files to it, test them out and then push them to my 1and1 space. Well that's about all for now, enjoy!

Oh also I forgot, Please go and vote on the poll that Emily posted. We are stuck trying to figure out whether we should save our money for a house later this year or spend some of it on a vacation to San Francisco in May or just do both. Feel free to leave a comment to this blog post explaining what you think we should do because we don't know anymore.


Jeff Grosskopf - Cedar Strip Canoe Builder

Neal Grosskopf
4/5/2008 12:07:28 PM
From Fox 11 News, Jeff Grosskopf (My Dad) explains how to make a cedar strip canoe. My Dad has been frequently been in the news for making these canoes in the past. Check it out!!!

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