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Halo 3 Turns French Cathedral Into Electronic Battleground

Neal Grosskopf
9/27/2007 12:00:00 AM
A level from Halo 3 that was actually designed after a church in France. The level name is Epitaph.

$0.99 PlayStation 3

Chris Retlich
11/25/2006 12:00:00 AM
A PlayStation 3 system sold on eBay for only $0.99, unfortunately, I'm not the one to have bought it.

World Of Warcraft Player Has 36 Accounts

Neal Grosskopf
10/15/2008 7:00:47 PM
I saw this on the home page of Yahoo!. A World Of Warcraft player plays 36 accounts at the same time. Check out that computer setup. Somebody needs a KVM.

GTA IV - Life's A Drag - A Video Created By Neal

Neal Grosskopf
1/20/2009 10:28:23 PM
Here's a video I created in Grand Theft Auto IV. The PC version of the game allows you to created 2 minute (or less) clips of what you've done in the game. I have probably a dozen clips overall that I've created. This one shows the physics in the game, watch as the guy who grabs onto my car flails around.

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