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Unreal Tournament 3

Neal Grosskopf
1/8/2008 7:05:23 PM
I recently purchased the PC video game Unreal Tournament 3. I'll start out by mentioning that the game requires a pretty powerful computer to run it. Fortunately my computer is able to handle the game with no problems.

The problem is the game is very, very buggy. I've been playing UT since the first version and none of them have gave me as much trouble as the current installment. The game is filled with bugs and constantly crashes for me. On the official Epic forum there is an entire 10 page post dedicated to the game's errors, most solutions involve completely whipping out your computer and making all sorts of changes to your graphics card. I am the type of user that never formats my hard drive or starts from scratch so those are not viable options. I constantly get errors either when starting the game or while half way through a match which is really annoying and is making me want to go back to Unreal 2004 and just enjoy life.

Also the game developers felt the need to "dumb" down the game's menu system. No longer is the game customizable via the menus. You now must sift through dozens of .ini files located in your my documents folder in order to make the simplest of changes. I think much of this is due to the fact that Epic made the same game for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and I believe they tried to re-use as much code for them as they could. This meant that the PC version of the game lost while the console gamers won.

They also got rid of several game play modes and re-vamped the single player action. Really all they had to do was upgrade the graphics to the previous game and nobody would have complained! The game feels like they removed more features than they added.

There is one redeeming factor to the new game. The graphics. The graphics in the game are beautiful. This is hands down the best looking game I've played to date. The other good thing about the game is the new vehicles introduced to it. UT has always been known for it's great vehicles and they came through this time.

Despite those positive factors I give this game a 5/10. If Epic would have stuck to their guns and not tried to re-invent the wheel, they would have another perfect 10/10 game on their hands but until the bugs can be fixed, this game is a failure.

Gaming Computers Survey Results

Neal Grosskopf
1/18/2008 12:00:00 AM
I found this awhile back. It's a survey of gamers playing online and what their systems look like. It's quite a bit different from your usually web usage reports because it shows things that browsers can't detect. It's interesting to see things at this live.

Halo 3 Global Heatmaps

Neal Grosskopf
4/16/2008 12:00:00 AM
Halo 3 heatmaps of where players die most frequently. It's really interesting to see certain areas of levels darker than others. I think there are full time people at Bungie who are sort of "video game analytics" people (much like I'm the "analytics" guy at my job) Must be sort of an interesting job studying maps and trying to improve the game play.


Neal Grosskopf
9/30/2008 9:04:40 PM
SPORE is the latest game from the creators of The Sims and Sim City. Having played both of those games and enjoying them, I thought I'd take a chance and buy this game as well.

The premise of the game is to evolve from a cellular organism to a full blown species capable of space travel. The game starts out by allowing you to customize the look of your cell. After that you basically run around eating other cells and then you earn the ability to to upgrade your cell, either with weapons or friendly features. I of course chose weapons every time to start my conquest of conquering everything in the game.

After awhile of that, which is probably the only boring part of the game, you move on to walking on land. There is a great deal of customization in this part of what your species looks like. With this stage you can start attacking other species and also add members to your gang of warriors.

After this the game zooms out more and allows you to control multiple members of your tribe at once. This part of the game is similar to real time strategy games. I found this part to be quite a bit of fun but not to hard to manage like some other games are.

After that you move to outer space. If anybody has watched Star Trek this part of the game is a lot like the original series. You travel from star system to star system contacting alien life forms and either helping them or conquering them.

I slowed down a bit at this stage and got a bit friendlier trying not to aggravate too many other life forms.

The game has got a rash of bad reviews on computer nerd sites due to its' anti-piracy DRM that is included with it. While DRM is evil and all, the game is really great and I would probably only care about the DRM if I owned the game but didn't buy it.

The only complaints I have about the game is there is no way to reverse evolve or return to stages earlier in life (other than starting a new saved game) Sometimes I'd like to go back and be a tribe again. I give SPORE a 9/10

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Real Life Similarities

Neal Grosskopf
8/3/2008 5:08:01 PM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Real Life Similarities with pictures for comparison.

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