Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

Display Tags For 'weather'

Neal Grosskopf
9/16/2007 2:47:22 PM
Something I've always wanted on my site is a way to organize information in a more logical way. To sum it up I've always wanted a tagging system to tag the various things that get posted to it. Wikipedia describes a tag as:
"A tag is a (relevant) keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (e.g. a picture, a geographic map, a blog entry, or video clip) as a whole or only to a part of it (e.g. "timed tags" assigned to specific moment in time in a video), for purposes of keyword-based classification and search of information."
Basically what you can do now as an end user is once you have finished reading a blog, or something else posted on the site, you can click to add a tag for it. Then type in a word or two that sums up what the posted item was about. I spent a good chunk of time just going around tagging things on my site and now you can as well.
In other news I have found a solution to high file sized images on my site. Before it would actually load the entire image (sometimes 1mb in size) and just resize it. Now it will actually size the image down in file size and display a thumbnail of it. I'm currently using this method in my new wallpapers section of and the photo gallery. Check my wallpapers out and download a few!
In other news things are going good. It's been sort of cold down in Sheboygan over the past week. Last weekend Emily and I went to the Sheboygan parade of homes. It was pretty good although most of the houses weren't as crazy as they are in the fox cities. There was one house that was over 7,000 square feet which was pretty impressive. This weekend we have taken it slow and sat around since Emily has been sick. We gave our two cats a bath today and they are all cranky about it since they hate to get wet. Well that's all for now.

Crazy Winter

Neal Grosskopf
2/16/2008 4:58:30 PM
Gez, this has been a really crazy winter hasn't it? Apparently in Madison they have already broken the record for most snow in a single season. Last week we got so much snow in Ripon that after work the snow plow decided to plow the streets right before we got out of work. What resulted was snow well over my tires and car door so I had to resort to digging my car out with a shovel I had in the trunk. I think in the process I managed to mess my back up so I'm sitting here today writing this with a hot pad on my back. I ended up sleeping on my back the entire night last night. (Yes I realize now that I am officially old just for the fact that I am even capable of sleeping on my back) It appears that more snow is on the way tomorrow and Monday so hopefully I won't have to dig myself out again

I other news, a site I was tasked with redesigning at work has finally gone live. Check out http://speedqueen.com/. It's not my favorite design I've ever done but it is cool to see something I created go up and it's valid html 4.01 strict! Come to think of it this is the first design I've done for an employer to go up. Before I left Lakeland I had been working on a redesign but it looks like Jason Irish will the one to accomplish that great task. It is sort of fun to work at a place where they have numerous web sites rather than just one. As a web designer it gives me that many more opportunities to do some design work. It seems that good design jobs are hard to come by now days too. I rarely see a worthy job posting of a design job in my Careerbuilder emails. It's almost always a job titled web designer yet they want you to code in PHP for nine hours a day or something like that. (hint hint Chris, you got the easy life in that respect)

Emily always wants me to mention her in my blog and I must admit that she gets neglected in that category. This weekend we are both bored and looking for something to do so anybody else who is also bored (and you must be if you're reading my blog) let me know. Hopefully my back will start feeling better so I can be a bit more mobile.

2008 Atlantic hurricane season

Neal Grosskopf
9/7/2008 6:57:09 PM
A List of hurricanes and tropical storms from the recently active 2008 hurricane season.

City declares state of emergency, most roads impassible

Neal Grosskopf
6/12/2008 12:00:00 AM
Acting City Manager John Fitzpatrick has declared a State of Emergency for the City of Oshkosh.

List of Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes

Neal Grosskopf
6/12/2008 12:00:00 AM
An article from Wikipedia listing all category 5 hurricanes from the Atlantic. It also gives other stats about the hurricanes.

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