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Internet Explorer 8 Passes Acid 2 Test

Neal Grosskopf
12/19/2007 12:00:00 AM
From the IE blog they report that Internet Explorer will pass the Acid 2 css rendering test. This is great news considering IE has always lacked in supporting CSS. Ironically this comes a week after Opera files a compliant to the European Union stating that IE does not support web standards.

Why Serving XHTML as Text/HTML Is Bad

Neal Grosskopf
5/7/2008 12:00:00 AM
I've seen this over, and over, and over again on pretty much every website ever created. People need to either create HTML 4 web pages or they need to actually serve their XHTML as XML. If you're confused by this see my article as to how serve XHTML as XML to all browsers including Internet Explorer.

Why Browsers Haven't Standardized - By Eric Meyers

Neal Grosskopf
6/22/2007 12:00:00 AM
A great (and very old) article by the css guru Eric Meyers on why browser aren't standard compliant. It sort of puts Internet Explorer into perspective for me with this article and it is the way it is.

Web Browser Standards Support Comparison Tables

Neal Grosskopf
5/26/2009 9:48:00 AM
Web browser standards support comparison tables for HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript.

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