Hey there, this site is pretty old now. I've decided to leave it up as I put a lot of work into it and would hate to see it disappear.

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Neal Grosskopf
4/3/2007 9:31:14 PM
Long time no blog. Quite a bit has changed since I wrote on here last. Probably the most interesting is that Emily came to Sheboygan and we looked at apartments. It took us a whole day to figure out where to live. I will be moving out of the dorms April 23rd now and I am excited about that. The dorms just arn't that great of a place to be considering there is no room for really anything in them. Me and Emily have also been buying some funiture for our apartment lately and that is sort of fun.
In work news my new job as the webmaster of Lakeland College is going good. The job is good because it is a good balance of busy work yet allows for enough time for creative personal projects. I think more jobs should allow employees time for personal projects that can enhance their job. I have also been doing a lot of cleanup on lakeland.edu. OCD I guess...lol.
In site news I've done a few things here and there. I made my home page completly free of tables. It looks sort of weird in different browsers too (so much for standard complience eh?). I was bored the other day and created various stylesheets for different types of media as well.
Another thing I have been working on the past few days is creating my own chat room from scratch. I got the inspiration from the XMLHttpRequest trick I learned from Chris. There is a good chance that it isn't completely bug free so let me know if something doesn't work on it. I'm not really sure if anybody will use it anyways, I guess it was just something I wanted to try to do for fun.
I gues overall life is going pretty good and I am anxious to move out and start living life. Enjoy!

Neal Grosskopf
3/19/2007 1:08:30 AM
Well spring break is finally over. I don't know If I can even call it a break since I had no time off during it. I worked 40 hours last week at Thrivent. It was my last week there. It was kind of a sad time since the people there are really nice and I may not see them again. It was a rather slow week of work as well which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.
The bright side of the story is I am starting my first official full time job of my life at Lakeland. It's kind of crazy to think that I will be working 40 hours a week for the next 40 or more years now. What the heck will web pages even be like in 40 years anyways? Look how much they have changed in the 15 years or so that the web has been around.
Next weekend me and Emily are going apartment hunting in Sheboygan. I am excited about that since I think it is fun to look at those kind of things. It will also be nice to be with Emily for the weekend down here and we can just drive around and get lost in the city since neither of us are familiar with the area that much.
In site news I have added the reviews section to the home page of my site now. I'm not sure if all of you noticed that I added the new section or not but with it being on the home page, perhaps it will get used a bit more. I see Chris has already posted a comment on it.
Well it's pretty late now and I should go to bed so I feel somewhat awake for my first day of work tomorrow. Yay!

Neal Grosskopf
12/4/2007 10:14:29 PM
I have spent a lot of time working on my site since I last blogged. As of late I haven't been giving my website very much attention but I have finally been thinking up some ideas to do on it. Last week I added several new wallpapers. They are under the objects section and are of my totally awesome guitar. I had picked up my guitar for the first time in a long time and decided tat I ought to take a few pictures of it and see if any turn out nice. I was surprised that many of them turned out really cool.
After that I added a feature to the message board that allows you to preview a thread without having to view the entire thing at once. Just hover over the grid of threads and click the down arrow. This will show a preview which is the first post within that thread. It's something that I haven't seen done anywhere else so for once it's an original idea of my own (yeah I know there aren't many of those left anymore),
Next I updated my right side bar which you may notice looks a bit different. Although nobody but a few web geeks will care, I added a view source button so that people can view the source code to my website. If anything I'll use it the most for testing purposes but once again, this was sort of an original idea that I thought up that I haven't seen used on any other websites. (as you can tell my goal in life is to contribute at least one good idea to web design that other people will copy)
Last but not least I added a tag cloud, which is a visual listing of all the tags on my website. Out of all the things I've updated I'm most proud of this since many large sites have them and I managed to create my own. If you add any tags to my site they will show up on that page now and the more times the tag is used, the larger it will become.
In other news I am attempting to tag every Star Trek epsisode (79 in all). This will involve watching all 79 and taking notes while I watch. I figure it's a good excuse to watch them all again. I'll be looking for very specific things within each episode and things that could possibly happen in several episodes. An example might be Spock using the vulcan nerve pinch (which he probably uses in at least 30 episodes). Once I'm all done I will probably create a subdomain on my website and design a complete new template (for the hell of it) and then have a giant tag cloud and episode guide for all 79 episodes.
Did I mention I'm a nerd?
So what else is going on in life? I am finally getting settled in and getting into my groove. At our apartment our stupid dishwasher doesn't work and our landlord is isn't making it a very big priority which after two weeks is starting to piss me off.
Work is going ok. I'm doing a bit more work than normal with Web Trends which is a overly-complicated program for statistics of websites. Apparently there is a new site coming up which is probably my favorite thing to do (is start a site from scratch)
Well that's all for now!

Lots Of Work To Do

Neal Grosskopf
3/16/2008 6:51:48 PM

At Emily's request I am writing a new blog. I've sort of neglected my blog lately because I am focusing more on getting traffic to my website for my Geak Speak section. It's been a pretty successful campaign too. I've had 7/12 days in March with 40 or more visitors and one day with 85! It is pretty demanding to keep the traffic flowing though. This usually requires me to add links to my article on other websites. Usually after 2 days I rarely get visits from those sites so I need to add another article to keep the flow going.

In work news I have two days off this week and one day off next week. I'll probably spend those days doing web work regardless because I have several projects to do from Jason and possibly my own paying web project to do as well. At my day job I have been redesigning huebsch.com which is a really old site of ours that we haven't redesigned since 2001.

In family news Emily and I went to visit my parents and grand parents a few weeks ago and this weekend we went to see Emily's side. We went to the New London St. Patrick's Day Parade. Maybe it's just me but I think parades are boring, especially when it's still cold out. I recall going to a Christmas parade a few years ago when it wasn't much above zero degrees and thinking how dumb it is to have a parade during the winter season. Even despite the fact that it is cold, they still are sort of boring anyways. It's sort of like sitting out on main street and watching unusual traffic drive by.

Tomorrow my friend Mike is stopping over on his way home for spring break. He told us that he wants a beef roast and mashed potatoes (which is like a delicacy at our house) so I'm pretty excited to have a nice dinner when I get home. It's also a good excuse to clean our messing apartment which never seems to stay too clean.

In random news I decided to take my old computer and turn it into a streaming media server using Jinzora. I installed WAMP on it, created a dyndns account and also created a subdomain on my site to redirect to that dyndns domain. (Chris is there a way to point my 1and1 account directly to my home web server without using dyndns?) I'm currently copying all my music onto the web server so that I can listen to it while I'm at work. (only 23 more minutes to go!) I would also like to turn this web server into a testing site for nealgrosskopf.com so that I no longer have to test all my stuff out on my live site. The problem is I will need to figure out how to install IIS along side Apache, using Windows XP Home. I'll also need to make it an FTP server so that I can upload my files to it, test them out and then push them to my 1and1 space. Well that's about all for now, enjoy!

Oh also I forgot, Please go and vote on the poll that Emily posted. We are stuck trying to figure out whether we should save our money for a house later this year or spend some of it on a vacation to San Francisco in May or just do both. Feel free to leave a comment to this blog post explaining what you think we should do because we don't know anymore.


Web Site Redesign Props

Neal Grosskopf
6/18/2008 7:11:28 PM

Well it's been almost two weeks now since I redesigned my website. I must say that redesigning it has been a positive experience so far. My site traffic has increased 109% percent since the redesign thanks in part to several CSS design galleries picking up my website and posting it. I submitted my site to numerous gallery sites and almost gave up. Then last Sunday I submitted it to a few more and all of them added me on Monday. I'm so proud. I also smashed a new site visits record Monday hitting 150 visits in a single day! I followed that up yesterday with 107 visits which makes it the first time I've ever hit 100 visits two days in a row.

In house news, we have a home inspection set up for Saturday, June 28th. It sounds like our house wasn't flooded at all and survived the Oshkosh flood fine. Once we get the house inspected we will probably lock in a mortgage in early July. Then it's two more months until we move in officially! (Which is at the end of August). It's so exciting!

In work news I've been super busy. It's a good thing I got my website redesigned when I did because I have no more "mental bandwidth" when I get home (to quote Jason Irish). Most the things I am working on right now aren't going to end anytime soon so this will likely be a reoccurring theme throughout the summer for me.


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