Ok, so I was working on my latest and greatest version of CSS Diagnostics. I was trying to include every known proprietary element and attribute known to man in my stylesheet which included the likes of the blink tag, marquee tag, all the way to the obscure ones like the ruby, blackface and audioscope tags.

The problem was Internet Explorer kept highlighting all of my images, particularly my anchored images in solid 5px magenta (essentially proprietary elements)

I automatically started my comment strips of selectors out method, which is short is using deduction to pick out the offending selector. This is the offending tag I ended up with:

A Brand New Internet Explorer Bug...The HTML IMAGE Element:

image { border: 5px solid magenta !important; }

That's right, some random archaic element. Now the real problem here is that Internet Explorer, and only Internet Explorer was highlighting regular old IMG tags even though my selector was calling for IMAGE tags. That's a bug, and that's a new bug to my knowledge. This does beg for me to cook up some kind of hackary to target IE regarding images on web pages but why not just use conditional comments? If you had a very, very specific case where you wanted to target IE and only IE images this might be useful. Other than that I'm not sure where it would get used.