I recently bought a new TV set that came with Netflix embedded into the TV's software. I had previously been using Blockbuster, mostly as just a holdover since all my movies were entered using that service. A friend of mine recommended Netflix, and since it was integrated into my TV I gave it a try. Since then I have been quite satisfied with the service.

Streaming Movies

One of the best things about Netflix is I can pick out movies on my computer and they will show up on my TV letting me pick from them since my TV is hooked up to the internet. Not all movies on the service are available this way, and not all of the movies available are in HD. Regardless, this is a really awesome option. In a way it's almost like I own the movies because they can permanently sit in my streaming queue on my TV.


Also, while using Blockbuster I would often pick out obscure 80's horror movies that I'm interested in. It seemed like these movies were always stuck in "long wait" mode and half of them never shipped. I have a feeling that Blockbuster didn't have these movies available in the first place and was just trying to lead me on with them. After using Netflix I've found that all of these movies are available and immediately.

Ship Time

It seems like Netflix might be slightly faster with shipping times than Blockbuster. Overall I probably average about a movie once a week or sometimes twice a week. I do think that Netflix ships my next movie quicker than Blockbuster did.

Wrap Up

Overall I'm quite satisfied with Netflix and all of the devices they're available on. I could pick between my Xbox 360, Blu Ray player or TV set to watch movies on and I'm quite happy with the available movies to choose from with the service. I give Netflix a 9/10