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A List Apart: Findings From the Web Design Survey

Neal Grosskopf
5/3/2008 12:00:00 AM
This is pretty old news now, but I was looking back today on the results from the web design survey. It's a great resource to look at, especially if your fresh out of college looking for a web job. On a side note here are two salary links for Web Designer and Web Developer

My House Was Violated

Neal Grosskopf
12/16/2008 6:49:20 PM

Tonight my house was shown to some people. I decided to get some groceries to waste some time while they looked at my house. I got to my house around 5:56 and noticed there were still cars in my driveway "perhaps these people are interested" I said to myself noticing that they were to only be there for 30 minutes. I then pounded another lap around the sub-division. On lap 2 I noticed they were still there, 10 minutes later. "Gez, they really must be interested" I thought. On lap three 6:13, no cars, so I pulled into my driveway.

It dawned on me that snow+tracks = websites+analytics. I looked down at the ground and could see that yes, there were two cars in my driveway (which I already knew) but I also could see that one car only had 1 set of tracks going to its driver's side door while the other car had 3 tracks, one set very small, and two others going to the front of the car. Being the analytical god that I am at work, I deduced that yes, it was a couple, perhaps like Emily and I but, with a small child. The perfect match for my house. This instantly made me think of what I do at work from day to day. I know that people are leaving tracks on our websites (via log files) but I don't know them personally and I can't identify them, only certain things about them.

It was quite depressing to drive by my house a couple of times, seeing all the lights on, with cars that aren't mine in the driveway, knowing people I don't know are walking around in it. Sort of smacked me in the face that, hey...this isn't always going to be my home, and that was a depressing thought. Call me materialistic, but being a homeowner makes me feel really good. I feel like I've worked hard to get this house (put up with high school, put up with tech, put up with lakeland, got married) and soon much of that won't matter, unless I can find Emily 2.0 or some other poor sap like myself in a similar situation.

It almost felt like my house was being burglarized or something, I don't know, I should probably just seek counseling on my infatuation with my house, who knows? And no, I don't care about your opinion or suggestion on how I can keep it. I've heard dozens of people act like they know, and they're all wrong. Plain and simple I need another $300+ more a month, at a minimum to keep it and that isn't going to happen. Heck, I was just told at work that our raises are being delayed so I might as well forget about that being an option.

Who knows, perhaps we won't have a job anymore in the next 3 months, then my house will definitely not be mine, it will be Associated Bank's house then. So far our company has laid of 64 office employees out of an original 400 or so and we've lost one in my immediate team of 4 people now down to 3. I really, really, really hope I don't loose my job as well.



List of single-digit salary earners

Neal Grosskopf
3/9/2008 12:00:00 AM
A single-digit salary earner is a person whose salary is less than 10 units of the currency in which he would customarily be compensated with salary, but who is compensated by the employer via other means such as shares. This is done to either avoid taxation, or more commonly, as a symbol that single-digit salary earner has no personal gain from his work other than the gain he or she shares with shareholders.

Authentic Jobs - Full-Time And Freelance Job Opportunities For Web Workers

Neal Grosskopf
11/10/2008 1:14:25 PM
Authentic Jobs - Full-Time And Freelance Job Opportunities For Web Workers
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