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Friday the 13th, Jason takes NASA

Neal Grosskopf
9/15/2007 10:33:00 PM
Mad TV spoof of the Friday the 13th movie series. I believe this skit was from the original season of Mad TV.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Neal Grosskopf
9/16/2007 3:20:34 PM
It's been quite awhile since something has been rated. (People feel free to use this feature) Also the problem has been that I haven't seen any movies worth reviewing and many of the one's I'm looking forward to aren't out on video yet or in theater. Regardless I'm rating Star Trek: The Original Series today. The fan boy in me started earlier this year, around February when I was at Emily's on a Saturday night when the show comes on at 12:30 on FOX. I decided to watch it since I like corny shows and movies.
It's now over a half a year later and I own all 3 seasons on DVD and all the original series movies (6 in all). So what's so great about it? It's not the special effects, those are horrible although I've always thought that special effects are way overrated. The reason I like Star Trek is because of the great writing, great stories and acting. In my opinion all the spin offs of Star Trek after the original series lacked in one of these categories but had great special effects. It just goes to show that if a show doesn't have a good story or acting, it really doesn't matter what it has.
One of the best things about the series is the relationship between Spock (logic) McCoy (emotion) and Captain Kirk who is a mix between the latter. Spock and McCoy argue back and forth in a effort to sway captain Kirk's choice. I would have to say that Spock is my favorite character on the show simply because there are many times that I wish I could be more like him (minus the pointy ears). The way he stays calm and collective during emergencies is something everybody could use.
Unfortunately after 3 seasons and almost 80 shows, the show was canceled mainly because NBC gave it a horrible slot in it's programming. I give Star Trek: The Original Series a 10/10.

TPIR Fonts

Chris Retlich
10/19/2007 12:00:00 AM
A list of fonts used, or similar to those used on the well-known game show "The Price is Right". It shows screen shots of them in use on the show, as well as a link to download most of them, or the name of the font if it is a paid font and is unavailable for free.

Screen Wrtier's Guild on strike!

Emily Grosskopf
11/5/2007 12:00:00 AM
I found this article online explaining the situation with the screen writer's guild. It looks as though they are going on strike. It's a good article and it answers most of my questions about what's going to happen with my favorite tv shows this season.

The Life of Larry

Neal Grosskopf
11/4/2007 7:15:02 PM
This is the original cartoon created by Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy back when he was in college. Larry and Steve are the models for Peter and Brian of Family Guy.

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